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Barcode Scanning Best Practices

Each barcode format has certain requirements and guidelines for printing which improve the scanning of the barcode. Before project deployment, the barcode should be tested in the environment it will be scanned in to ensure the desired performance level is met.

Best Practices

The following are the best practices to improve the scan performance of a barcode:

  • Black barcode on a white background (high contrast)
  • Large dimension barcode
  • High resolution artwork
  • Enough quiet space
  • High error correction level
  • Standard barcode formats
  • Placed on a smooth surface
  • Positioned so that the scanner can view the barcode straight-on


The following should be avoided if possible:

  • Colored barcodes (less contrast)
  • Small barcodes
  • Low resolution artwork
  • Not enough quiet space
  • Custom, not-standard barcode formats
  • Barcodes with overlaid graphics and/or text
  • Low-light environments
Updated on October 21, 2019

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