iPhone NFC Payments

The iPhone 6 and newer and the Apple Watch can be used with NFC payment systems via Apple Pay.

Contactless Credit Cards

Contactless credit cards use NFC technology to communicate between the card and the payment terminal. Apple does not allow 3rd party iPhone apps to read or use contactless/NFC credit cards. Contactless credit cards are not the same as a typical NFC tag; they use different NFC chips, encoding and security.

It is not possible to clone or copy an NFC credit card with an iPhone.

3rd Party Payment Apps

Apple does not allow 3rd party iPhone apps to use the Core NFC framework to create apps that use NFC payments. Apply Pay is the only NFC payment transaction app allowed by Apple on the iPhone.

Apple Pay

Credit cards and bank cards can be added to a user’s Apple Wallet and then used with contactless payment terminals just as if the card was physically presented to the payment terminal.

NFC payment terminals will often have this or similar symbol to indicate they support contactless payments including Apple Pay.

EMVCo Contactless Marks
Contactless INDICATOR and Contactless SYMBOL by EMVCo
Updated on November 5, 2019

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