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It is highly recommended that all NFC tags have visuals to indicate the tag is an NFC tag. While NFC does have an official logo/symbol as established by the NFC Forum; it is not commonly used and alternatives are often used. If NFC tags are being printed by the GoToTags Store for customers, GoToTags will enforce its artwork trademark policy.


The NFC Forum has established the N-Mark symbol to be used to identify NFC. However, it is rarely used in practice. In GoToTags’ opinion it is not a good symbol. Possibly because it can be easily confused with the Nespresso logo. If the N-Mark is used, the branding guidelines must be followed.

N-Mark by NFC Forum


GoToTags has designed its own tag symbol which has an NFC version when used to represent NFC tags. GoToTags holds the exclusive copyright and trademark to this symbol. It can only be used with GoToTags explicit permission for the expressed purpose of representing a GoToTags tag.

Font Awesome

Font Awesome does not have an official NFC icon yet; the RSS icon is often used. Font Awesome 5 is working on an NFC icon.

Font Awesome: fa-rss


The EMVCo has a trademarked logo for “Contactless Indicator” and “Contactless Symbol”. These symbols have licensing agreements and requirements that must be followed. These symbols are most often used for payment, and less for Connected Things.

Updated on January 24, 2018

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