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NFC – NDEF Text Record

An NDEF text record is a record used to store plain (unformatted) text on an NFC tag.


GoToTags represents NDEF Text records with the following attributes:

TextThe plain text. Required.
LanguageCodeThe language code of the text. Default is English (en). Most systems ignore this.
EncodingTypeThe character encoding of the text; either UTF8 or UTF16. UTF8 is the default and should be used unless the extra characters of UTF16 are required.

Use Cases

Text records are a basic record type used to store a small amount of text; often this is a unique ID. The amount of text is limited by the user memory capacity of the NFC chip.



Android has native support for acting upon text records. The text is shown on a basic screen with no ability to act on the text.


iOS and Windows do not have native support for acting upon text records.

Best Practices

If a text record is used to store a unique id to be read by an application, it is a better practice to use an NDEF mime type record instead. Most systems have native support for reading text records by displaying the text. If the value of the text is only for internal purposes, storing the text in a mime type record will prevent the text value from being displayed if the tag is read by an unknown application, as systems do not have native behavior for handling mime type records.


This is an example of a text record encoded as follows:

Text: Hello World!

LanguageCode: en

EncodingType: UTF8

TagInfo of Text Record


All GoToTags software (Windows App, Android App, iOS App) handles text records appropriately. The text is shown in an appropriate window/screen with actions such as Copy and Share.

GoToTags Encoder

The GoToTags Encoder can encode text records by either by providing the encoding data on the Text Tags worksheet in the NFC tags encoding file or as JSON.

NFC Tags Encoding File

JSON Text Records

[{"Text":"This is plain text!","RecordType":"Text"}]

[{"LanguageCode":"English","Text":"This is plain text!","EncodingType":"UTF8","RecordType":"Text"}]
Updated on October 25, 2019

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