NFC Tags on Amazon

GoToTags sells small quantities of products, including NFC tags on its Amazon store. Customers looking for larger quantities of NFC tags, and/or other services such as custom printing or NFC tag encoding should purchase directly from the GoToTags Store.

Unencoded NFC Tags

Most of the NFC tags sold on Amazon, including the NFC tags that GoToTags offers have not been encoded. The user memory of the NFC chip has not been written to and the chips have not been locked.

iPhone / iOS Users

*** IMPORTANT  – Do not open NFC tags package before reading! ***

The iPhone 7 and newer can read/write NDEF data on an NFC tag, but only in conjunction with iOS 13 or newer. You can learn more about how to write NFC tags with iPhone and how to read NFC tags with iPhone in our Apple iOS / iPhone NFC help section.

Alternatively, pre-encoded NFC tags can be purchased from the GoToTags Store.

NFC Tag Encoding

Most systems require the NFC tags to be encoded before use. The GoToTags NFC Encoder and/or various Android NFC apps can be used to encode the NFC tags; this requires additional hardware such as an NFC reader/writer or an Android phone.

Updated on October 18, 2019

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