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Platform – Custom Tag Interaction URL Domains

Each tag in the GoToTags Platform has a unique interaction URL that is used by a device to interact with the tag. Typically, the domain name in the interaction URL is a GoToTags domain name. For enterprise customers, a custom domain name can be used for a fee. A setup process is required for both GoToTags and the customer. All custom domains are reviewed by GoToTags before setup to ensure end-user security. Note that custom domains must be setup before tags have been created and encoded in the Platform.

To inquire about using a custom domain, contact us.

Custom domains will not work if not setup properly in the Platform, as the Platform will reject an interaction for a domain that has not been configured by GoToTags.


The cost of using a custom domain is $100 USD per project.

Setup Process

Once the custom domain name has been purchased, it must be configured in both the Platform and in the customer’s DNS system. GoToTags will perform the changes to the Platform project.

As GoToTags does not have access to the customer’s DNS system, the customer must also perform setup work. A CNAME record must be added to the DNS system which manages the domain for the custom domain that is to be used. This CNAME record must point to the appropriate GoToTags Platform domain, as determined by the project’s site.

As an example, if the domain mydomain.com was to be used for a Platform project setup in the USA site; the following DNS entry would need to be made:

Name: mydomain.com
Value: gototags.us
Duration: 300s

Once setup, it can take up to 24 hrs for the changes to propagate through the worldwide DNS system; however usually it only takes 5-10 minutes. An online tool can be used to verify the CNAME record has been propagated.

GoDaddy CNAME Setup

Updated on October 21, 2019

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