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Platform – Tag Interaction URL

Each tag in the GoToTags Platform has a unique interaction URL that is used by a device to interact with the tag. The URL is of a specific format to be used by the Platform and can not be changed. The tag interaction URL does not change over time, no matter how the project or tag is configured.

For NFC tags, the URL is encoded onto the NFC chip as a website record. For barcode tags, the URL is encoded as the barcode for printing. The interaction URL is readable to anyone with physical access to the tag.

Url Format

The tag interaction URL follows the format:







The domain name used in the interaction URL is one of the GoToTags domains that is used by the Platform. A different GoToTags domain is used for each site. All domains work globally; there are no geo-location based restrictions.

For enterprise customers, custom domains are available.

GoToTags Domains by Site

USA: gototags.us

EU: gototags.eu

Data Size

The format of the tag interaction URL has been specifically chosen such that it will fit on all NFC chips.

Updated on October 21, 2019

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