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Reading NFC Chip’s UID with iOS

The Apple iOS NFC SDK, CoreNFC, does not have the ability to read an NFC tag’s UID in iOS 11.

If it were possible, there would be a UID property on the NFCTag object in iOS Core NFC, but it is not there.


There are several implications of this:

  • Several NFC systems have been built solely using the NFC tag’s UID. These systems will need to change to using an NDEF Text record with the UID as a text value. The GoToTags Encoder software can easily do this using {{uid}} as the value of the encoding text.
  • The UID is an underlying component of using NFC for anti-cloning. Without the access to the UID, iOS can not determine if an NFC tag has been cloned or not.


It’s expected that Apple will change iOS in the future to allow for access to the NFC tag’s UID. There are several reasons to add support for this, and no reasons to prevent it.

Updated on September 5, 2017

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