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Store – Artwork Trademark Policy

The GoToTags Store will not print artwork that is knowingly trademarked by a 3rd party without explicit permission from the 3rd party. This permission must be a document from the 3rd party describing the product which is printed with the trademark and giving the customer and GoToTags explicit permission to use the trademark for that product.

Often shipments coming from overseas origins will be stopped by international police and customs authorities for items with well-known trademarks. If appropriate documentation is not provided, the shipment will be held and potentially destroyed. If an order is using a well-known trademark, appropriate documentation should be obtained before shipment to ensure no shipping delays.

Per the GoToTags Sales Terms & Conditions, it is not GoToTags’ responsibility to ensure trademarks are not being violated; it is solely the customer’s responsibility.

Updated on October 21, 2019

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