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Bad NFC tags are a reality of NFC projects and should be be expected and planned for accordingly. The GoToTags Store adheres to the industry standard of 1% expected bad NFC tags. In practice, the percentage of bad NFC tags from the Store is much lower, but from a warranty and returns perspective the 1% rule applies. GoToTags is not responsible for replacing defective NFC tags that are within the one percent ratio of the order total. If defective NFC tags are discovered during the production or encoding process prior to shipment, GoToTags may remove the defective tags and ship the order less the bad tags. If the amount of the shortage exceeds one percent, GoToTags will offer a refund for the difference and/or deliver the shortage at a later date.

Minimum Quantity of Good NFC Tags

If a project has hard requirements for a minimum number of functional NFC tags, the purchase quantity should be increased by 1% to account for the 1% potential bad NFC tags. It is likely this will result in an overage of NFC tags, but this is the safest solution to ensure a minimum quantity of good NFC tags.

Updated on October 18, 2019

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