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Store – Competitor Price Matching

Price Matching Guidelines

The GoToTags Store strives to offer high quality products at the best prices. If a lower price offer is found from a competing supplier, please contact us and include the competing offer (quote, email…). Competing offers will be reviewed, and if found to be genuine and accurate, the price may be matched. The competing offer must fully describe the products being purchased, the full price of the products, the supplier, payment terms and shipping costs.


A price match will not be awarded if the products being compared are not the same, and/or the competitor is offering a different product and/or service. Common discrepancies in what may seem to be an identical competing offer include:

  • Different materials and/or construction
  • Different NFC chip
  • Exclusion of NFC tag encoding and/or other services
  • Different shipping costs
Updated on October 15, 2019

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