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Store – Customer Shipping Account Billing

In some cases, for shipments from the GoToTags Store, it is possible to bill the shipment to the customer’s shipping account such that the customer pays for the shipping charges instead of using the standard GoToTags shipping account.


Certain restrictions apply to customer shipping account billing. Eligibility will be determined after the order is placed as a part of the order review process. Requirements are generally:

  • Corporate accounts only
  • Orders with a shipping origin of USA
  • FedEx or UPS only
  • Pickup can be arranged via DHL


To have an order shipped billed to the customer’s shipping account:

  1. For self-service orders, select the Customer Account shipping method on the Store’s checkout page
  2. Contact us with the order number and requested shipping carrier, method and billing account number
Updated on August 28, 2017

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