Store – NFC Tag Encoding

The GoToTags Store can encode NFC tags for customer when purchased from the Store. Customers can also encode their own NFC tags if desired.

The GoToTags Store uses the GoToTags NFC Encoder software to encode NFC tags.

Encoding Options

Several encoding options are available, all based on NDEF formatting. Each encoding option has an associated per-tag cost and may have additional features and benefits. Non-NDEF based encoding formats are not able to be encoded. When placing an order for NFC tags, one of these NFC tag encoding options must be chosen.


For orders placed with any NFC tag encoding option, the appropriate NFC tag encoding files must be submitted to GoToTags for review.

NFC Tags for iPhone

To ensure that NFC tags are iPhone-compatible, tags should be NDEF encoded.

Updated on November 19, 2019

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