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Store – Non-NDEF NFC Tag Encoding Formats

The GoToTags Store only supports NDEF based formats for NFC tag encoding. Other NFC tag encoding formats do exist but cannot be encoded by GoToTags. As the most common and universally compatible NFC data exchange format, GoToTags recommends NDEF formatted encoding for most applications. The only time that a non-NDEF format is advised is if customer has a pre-existing system and desires legacy support for that specific system.

Other Encoding Formats

The following are use cases which typically do not use NDEF based NFC tag encoding and can not be encoded by the GoToTags Store:

  • Raw binary; sometimes referred to as page-level encoding
  • Payment (credit card, banking…)
  • Transportation
  • Secure entrance (HID Global cards and key chains)
  • Some ticketing systems
  • Other proprietary formats
Updated on November 19, 2019

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