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Store – Pay with Bank Transfer

The GoToTags Store accepts electronic bank transfers as a payment method for corporate accounts. Bank transfers take several days to be delivered and deposited. The order will not begin processing until the funds have been fully deposited, unless payment terms have been previously agreed upon.

Bank transfers are often used as payment when an order is placed via purchase order. This payment method does not incur any additional fees as long as the minimum order amount is met.

Transfer Types

Several types of bank transfers exist based on location of the sender and receiver. GoToTags can accept bank transfers to either a USA bank in USD or Canadian bank in CAD. For USA domestic bank transfers, ACH is used. For international bank transfers either bank wire or EFT is used.


If the order total is less than $2,000 USD, a processing fee with be assessed as follows:

  • USA/CAN origin bank: $20 USD
  • International origin bank: $40 USD
Updated on October 17, 2019

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