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Orders on the GoToTags Store can be placed via purchase order for corporate accounts. All purchase orders are subject to approval. Orders placed with a purchase order for an account that has not been approved will be cancelled. Purchase orders must be subsequently paid according to the agreed upon payment terms via one of the corporate account payment methods.

Ordering Process

To order via purchase order:

  1. Contact us to apply for a corporate account
  2. On approval, the payment method, terms and credit amount with be agreed upon
  3. Email the purchase order document (PDF, Word) to

Purchase Order Requirements

All purchase orders must meet the following requirements:

  • Documented in an electronic document; purchase orders with just a number are not accepted
  • Submitted by an approved corporate account
  • Include a unique purchase order number
  • Include the contact info for the purchaser and optionally the accounts payable department (name, email, phone)
  • Include the billing and shipping addresses
  • Include the agreed upon payment method and payment terms
  • For each product to be purchased, include the product’s sku, name, purchase quantity and unit amount
  • The purchase order may not contain any purchaser defined sales terms that are in conflict with the GoToTags General Sales Terms & Conditions



Updated on August 28, 2017

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