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Store – Saved Credit Cards

A credit card can be saved to customer account profiles in the GoToTags Store for use on future orders. Once saved, the card can be used for both self-service orders and authorized orders that GoToTags places on the customer’s behalf. The card information is securely stored in the merchant account’s system. GoToTags employees do not have direct access to saved credit card numbers. Stored credit cards can be updated and/or removed at any time.

Credit cards are automatically saved to the customer account when used for placing an order. They can be removed after placing the order if desired.

Add a Saved Card

To add a credit card to a Store account:

  1. Create an account on the Store or log in to an existing account
  2. Once logged in to the Store account, navigate to the account dashboard
  3. Navigate to Bank Cards in the left nav
  4. Fill in the fields under Add Credit Card
    • A billing address must be input under Addresses before adding a credit card.
  5. Click Submit

Updated on November 13, 2019

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