Store – Shipment Origin

Orders from the GoToTags Store are shipped from different facilities worldwide. The origin of the shipment is determined by the products ordered, the shipment delivery address, inventory availability and production schedule. The shipping origin determines the shipping carrier used for the order.

Operations Centers

A large inventory of blank and ready-made products are stocked in inventory in GoToTags operations centers in the USA, Canada and China. The appropriate operations center for an order is determined once the order is placed and has been reviewed. If enough inventory is not stocked in a particular operations center, the order may ship from an alternate operations center or direct from the factory.


GoToTags works with several factories to produce products per defined design requirements. For customized and/or large orders, shipments are sent directly from the factory to the customer to reduce delivery times and shipments costs. The specific origin of the factory depends on several factors; often the factories are in the USA, Europe and China.

Updated on October 30, 2019

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