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The GoToTags Store offers volume pricing for high quantity orders. Many products provide published pricing up to 1,000 units. Some popular inventory items even have published pricing for up to 5k, 10k, 25k units. If pricing for a specific quantity is published, that product is generally kept in stock at the listed quantities to reduce production lead times.

If pricing is not listed for a particular product at a high volume, customers should contact GoToTags with the SKU and desired quantity for a price quote. GoToTags will also match competitor pricing.

Price breaks are listed in tiers; the GoToTags Store does not provide price breaks in between the listed tiers. If there are pricing tiers for 100 and 1000 units, orders for 500 units will not receive a new pricing tier.

Volume Pricing Guidelines

The following guidelines apply for volume purchase discounts:

  • Pricing is tiered according to the quantity purchased per order
  • An order for two different products at 500 units each would not qualify for the 1,000 unit price
  • The same product is defined as the same product SKU with the same artwork, encoding and other customization
  • The full quantity must be ordered at one time, shipments may be split over time for pre-purchased product on approval
  • Unit pricing is not guaranteed to be consistent over time or from order to order
  • Very large, ongoing projects may qualify for special pricing and arrangements

Sales Quotes

If your order volume exceeds our published pricing and/or your needs are specific, a sales quote can be requested. Learn how to request a sales quote.

Updated on November 21, 2019

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