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Technical terms used in Connected Things
  • 1-Up Tags

    A layout of tags on a roll when there is only one tag along the width of the roll.
  • Device

    An electronic device that can start the communication with either a tag or another device.
  • Bleed Line

    A virtual line on a printed product indicating the maximum printable area prior to die cutting.
  • Label Die Cut

    A label that has been individually cut out along its liner.
  • Bulk Data

    Bulk data describes when data does not change for each item. Bulk data is in contrast to .
  • Clear Inlay

    NFC Inlay with a transparent PET layer used as the substrate.
  • Correlated Tag Encoding

    An NFC encoding method that matches variable printed data on a physical tag to the data encoded to the NFC...
  • Cut Line

    A virtual line on a printed product indicating the approximate location of a die cut after printing.
  • Delivery Format

    A description of the physical format of tags. Formats include roll, sheet, or individually cut.
  • Identity

    An identity, or ID for short, is a that uniquely represents an item within a set of related items. IDs...
  • CMYK Colors

    Color model that consists of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black). Other Resources CMYK Color Model – Wikipedia
  • Bad Tag

    A tag that is not readable by a device. Related
  • C#/.NET

    Microsoft .NET programming language and framework.
  • Action

    What happens on the device when a tag is interacted with.
  • Variable Data

    Variable data, also called variable elements for printing describes when the data changes for each item. Variable data is in...